Workplace Pet Peeves That Make People Dislike You

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You spend most of your days at work. Your workplace has become your second home, and your colleagues your second family. However, there will still be those people at work who will make you wish you didn’t have to deal with them at all because of the following reasons.

Talking Loudly on the Phone

It’s alright if they’re work-related phone calls, but loud personal calls? Nobody wants to listen to how you and your boyfriend had the worst fight of your six-month relationship. Nobody cares how guilty you feel about skipping gym last night because you weren’t feeling well.

When you just have to take a personal call, excuse yourself and step out of the room. Go somewhere you can talk freely without bothering anyone. Be considerate and keep in mind that there are some things best kept private, especially when you’re discussing confidential details with a bank representative over the phone. While you’re at it, keep the phone call short because you’re not really supposed to take too many personal calls when you’re at work.

Singing and Humming

Not all companies allow music in the workplace. If your company does, you should at least observe proper decorum and wear headphones or earphones. It will be a problem, though, if your music is too loud and blasts through your headphones. Or if you start singing or humming along.

Remember that your office is not a karaoke bar. If music helps you concentrate, think about your colleagues who cannot concentrate if there’s music or too much noise. Turn the music down, and settle for tunes that have no lyrics so that you won’t be driven to sing along.

Roaming, Lurking, and Eavesdropping

People dislike the person who takes their coffee breaks and lunch breaks too long, or have cigarette breaks every other hour. They pose and act busy when there are bosses around, but pull up Pinterest and Facebook on their computer as soon as they leave. They like to drop by at other people’s desks and chitchat, even going to different floors just to say hello. They’re usually the first ones to know about the latest office gossip, too. If you’re guilty of doing these things, stop right now. You are not making yourself endearing by doing so.

Passive Aggressive Feuding

When you have an issue with a co-worker, you prefer to just keep quiet about it. However, your silence also comes with loud sighs of frustration, emphatic eye rolling, and posting scathing status updates on Facebook. It’s not the adult and professional way of resolving issues in the workplace. It’s best to discuss the issue and find ways to work harmoniously together and come to a peaceful resolution.

Abusing Sick Leaves / Emergency Leaves

You mysteriously fall sick on holidays, pay day Fridays, and long weekends. You always call the office informing of an emergency at home and you cannot make it to this morning’s presentation. You skip work at the last minute because you remember a money lender will be dropping by to collect your loan payment. The jig is up, and your colleagues don’t buy it. If you want to keep your friends at work, and if you want to keep your job, you will stop making up excuses and just get your act together.

Talking Too Much

When you talk too much, time that can be spent on more important things is also wasted. Whether it’s work-related or not, people generally don’t like people who talk a lot. Especially when it’s just a load of nonsense. If you can say what you want succinctly, your colleagues will appreciate you more.

Being the Office Slob

You don’t need to be a total neat freak to be well-liked at work. You can also not be a complete slob. If you notice your colleagues giving you a wide berth at the office, it must be because your desk looks like a calamity zone, and you never wash your mug and utensils in the sink. You eat at your desk and the office smells like onion rings right after. Clean up your act if you don’t want to be the odd man or woman out.

Not Your Cup of Tea

If the guidelines above prove too much for you to abide by, it could be that you’re not a right fit for your company’s culture. Being in a workplace doesn’t just include getting your daily tasks done. Social relationships and office culture plays a major role in achieving a harmonious working environment.

At times, if the workplace is no longer conducive for an employee, it can be a turning point to leave the company, either to find a better fit or maybe start their own business venture. All it takes is a genuine idea, the skill that the person may already possess, and a start-up capital. You can start with a small fund and compare factors for personal loan eligibility that will eventually set you up in running your own show. It can be a big risk, but it will altogether provide you with renewed vigor, along with the possibility of making it big in your chosen industry.


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