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Philippine Call CenterPhilippine call center industry has grown big these past years primarily because of the needs of outsourcing offshore businesses. A lot of business owners want to outsource in the Philippines because the country has a lower labor cost and aside from that the Philippines also has a competent workforce. As a matter of fact, the Philippine call center industry is the world’s leader in terms of global outsourcing.

Call center industry in the Philippines went full swing in 1999 and since then the race continues to prosper. Those companies that outsource their business in India decided to branched or totally outsource their business in the Philippines. This is because of the geographic location of the country.

A deeper understanding of what call center is all about

Call centers are also known as contact centers. A lot of people want to be a call center agent because it does not require any specific degree. The only requirement is that you should have a good grasp of the English language. Degree holders are also welcome to apply, but it doesn’t care what educational degree you have as long as you have the right communication skills then you will be hired right away.

Aside from the lenient requirements, call center industry offers competitive salary. This is primarily the reason why a lot of people are enticed to become a call center agent. Becoming a call center agent is actually easy, but this type of work can be very challenging. To become an efficient call center agent, you should be prepared physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

What are the challenges faced by call center agent in the Philippines?

There are so many challenges as a call center agent. As you know, Filipinos are morning people. They wake up early in the morning and go to sleep early at night. However, if you are working in a call center industry you have to work during the night and rest at daytime. Shifting of schedules can also happen, but very rare. The primary reason for such schedule is that the Philippines and the United States of America have different time zone. Most of the customers in the call center industry are from the United States and daytime in the United States is actually night time in the Philippines.

If you are working in a call center industry, you should have a strong immune system. You should be able to stay awake during the work period. Aside from that, you also need to polish your communication skills. You should handle callers with confidence and grace.

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