Trending Careers in the Philippine Employment Market

Posted by | March 20, 2014 | Career Guides, Trends

philippines-job-fairIf you are looking for a work or career that you like to enjoy, you don’t need to worry since there are plenty of good jobs that you can find. There are numerous trending occupations in the Philippine Employment Market nowadays. Here are some guides to help you decide what kind of job you want. The following are some of the hottest jobs in the Philippines.

Online Teacher

This job rapidly boomed in the nation. Online English classes and centers became in demand together with additional Koreans who wanted to learn English language. This job is very perfect for you if you are having an excellent command of English and you want to intermingle with other kinds of people. Your skills will be honed very well if you want to be an online teacher.

Call Center Agent

This work is considered as one of the mainly in demand occupations in the Philippines. The jobs have become popular in the last few years to date. You can earn more even if you are not a college graduate as long as you have skills in good communication.


At present nurses are still very in demand out of the country and the salary is certainly higher abroad. This is the reason why thousands of students in the Philippines still take the Nursing course in college so they could work abroad to look for a greener pasture and earn more.

Information Technology Specialist

IT specialists are very much in demand since Internet is increasing still and growing more advanced.

Graphic Artist

Design is utilized in many aspects of business that includes logos, product packaging, display advertising, employee uniforms, storefront and interior designs, and designs of Website. At present, fine design is not reserved for firms anymore that are capable to afford the cost. It has turned into a necessity, something that clients expect even from little start-ups and companies. Companies are served best by hiring design professional or graphic artist in the Philippines to enhance their branding as well as their promotional products.

Online Business

Plenty of people decided to begin their trades online due to the expediency of the Internet. Online business is a grand career action if you recognize your way via the business or trade you want to pursue. However, you have to bear in mind that if you want to succeed, you must have to research and study constantly for new ideas

Medical Transcriptionists

The trustworthiness and veracity of health records is very vital for all healthcare system. Hospitals and clinics that are poorly organized may have incomplete or missing records that may result in expensive duplication of works, patient and service confusion, and even unsafe risk to patients. Doctors dictate notes about their analysis into a Dictaphone or digital recorder, to be included in the medical records of the patient. Medical transcriptionists are very useful in doing the task of listening and typing the recordings stable records, to save time for the doctors while avoiding probable mistakes caused by unreadable handwriting.
There are also other good careers in the Philippine Employment Market that are available such as accountants, web designers and bloggers. If you believe that you are fit for these kinds of job and you think you will take pleasure from the work, go for it.

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