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 There is no dearth of career options after MBA. MBA graduates can choose from marketing to finance and even teaching. The following post explores some of the career options after MBA.

 Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become a common choice among students after completion of their Bachelor’s degree. Regardless of which stream they belong to MBA degree has become the lookout for all. However, after a student gets his or her Master’s degree in business administration, they are often left confused as to which career option to choose for their future life.

Taking a firm decision regarding ones career could be a very difficult task. The planning should be done with great care and judiciousness. For MBA students, pay should not be the only lookout, but his or her interests, areas of specialization, skills, etc also should be taken into consideration. This will help them to choose such MBA jobs that are not just lucrative but also gives work satisfaction.

How is an MBA Degree Helpful?

MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees that a student from any discipline can hold. It is a kind of professional degree that makes any student ready for the job industry. It inculcates in a student the required skills for being a successful professional in his or her field of work. A student before pursuing his or her MBA degree has got certain specializations, obtained from the study of different subjects at the graduation level. However, at that point of time he or she might be adept in some subject but not adequately equipped with required professionals skills to apply his or her knowledge practically at work.

So, an MBA degree helps develop such talents and skills that might help understand the work field better and apply his or her previous learning for finding solutions to practical problems at work.

Career Options after MBA

The big question now is what kind of jobs a student can look for after doing his or her MBA. The answer to this depends on the courses the student have pursued before his or her MBA program and also the specializations that were there at the MBA level. Here goes a list of some common MBA jobs that a student can do after completing his or her MBA course from a reputed institute.

  • Business Development Manager: This is one of the offbeat MBA jobs that business administration students opt for after their Master’s degree. Basically, the work of a business development manager is to look at the broader long term goals of a company and take measures to see that the growth of the business is not seized over the long term. However, the Biz Dev manager cannot neglect the short term goals as well. The major areas where he or she has to work are sales, strategy and relationship management.
  • Entrepreneurship: This is a risky venture that MBA pass outs choose as their career after MBA. They start their own business to be their own boss. However, the greatest thing to be kept in mind is that the entrepreneur is also a slave; sometimes to his or her business clients and at times to themselves because of the sense of duty, responsibility and high ambition.

However, to be an entrepreneur is a good idea as long as there is no presumption that ‘I will have to work less’. Hard work is a constant for all career options. However, the reward could be much more in enterprise than serving others, given that the dedication to work is at its fullest.

  • Marketing Manager: Marketing Manager is one of the most common areas of work for management students after an MBA. As managers they are required to look after the marketing teams and manage them to help the company get better results. Initially, they are placed in the roles of junior managers from where they can climb up to become senior managers with higher remunerations.
  • Financial Analyst: As the term suggests, MBA grads having an education of financial background are able to cope better with these jobs.This is the area without which no business organization can operate. Just like marketing managers and other managers they are posted in positions of junior mangers during their initial stage. Later on, they can get to work as senior managers and get good reward in return.
  • Other Career Options: As a management student is expected to work as manager and every department has got some managerial positions there is scope for working in different areas like public relations, advertising, healthcare, non-profit organizations, investment banking, etc.

On a last note, MBA graduates have multiple options after they have completed their studies. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, MBA students can explore a multitude options including teaching in management institutes.

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