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BPO IndustryThe Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry was first introduced in the Philippines in 1992. It was supposed to be a trial, but from then on the BPO industry in the Philippines continues to grow into something bigger. The excellent client feedback has paved way to the development of call center companies in different parts of the country. Because of the ever growing BPO industry in the Philippines, it is now known as the “sunshine industry.” As a matter of fact, Philippines is the number one business process outsourcing provider in the whole world. It has overtaken India, which is in the second place.

However, there is a tight competition in the BPO industry and a lot of countries are doing their best just to beat the Philippines BPO sector. The country is proud to announce that it is now handling non voice BPO sector including transcription, virtual assistance, securities, human resource, data processing, and other related services.

Philippine’s call center sector has already proven its worth when it comes to serving clients from different parts of the world. The current challenge faced by Philippines BPO industry is how to develop the skills that are essential in non voice BPO sector. Non voice sector requires different skills approach than the voice sector. What the government does right now is to offer crash course that will hone the skills of young professionals.

This effort of the Philippine government yields towards improving the overall business process outsourcing services offered by the country. It is also a perfect opportunity for the country to give better paying job to professionals and nonprofessionals. As you know, BPO industry in the Philippines does not require you to finish a degree program. As long as you have good communication skills, strong grasp of the English language, responsible, dynamic, and can work under minimum supervision, then by all means you are welcome to be part of the ever growing BPO family in the Philippines.

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