Documentation And Processing Compliance Officer (Real Estate) -
30 Jan 2018

Documentation And Processing Compliance Officer (Real Estate)

Job Description

Documentation And Processing Compliance Officer (Real Estate)
Location: Davao City

1. College Graduate; must have at least two (2) years of actual work experience as a documentation/
processing/ liaison officer related to real estate transactions and/or compliance requirements of real
estate developers (e.g., preparation or processing of sales and loans forms and contracts, title transfers
and annotations, processing building or development permits and licenses, processing bank/ HDMF
loans and mortgages, etc.);
2. Must be effective, able, and willing to transact and process outside of the office with various
government bodies like the HDMF (Pag-Ibig), CTO, City Assessors Office, ROD, BIR, City Engineer’s
Office, HLURB, etc., if and wherever necessary;
3. Those with experience as compliance and/or sales department officers/ assistants, or who have
performed documentation, processing, and liaison functions for real estate transactions especially with
real estate developers will be given top priority;
4. Those with actual experience in preparing and processing various legal contracts, forms and
documentation, various permit and compliance applications, and those who have handled related
functions and responsibilities will be prioritized;
5. Must be extremely well-organized as a custodian of several types of documents, proficient in Microsoft
Office programs and a fast typist;
6. Must be a flexible multi-tasker with pleasing personality, good moral character, and must work and
adapt well under pressure and driven to beat targets and deadlines.

Work Location:
 Philippines
 Under Philippines, select Davao-Davao del Sur (Davao City)
 Under Specific Area, type::: JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City

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2 Responses to “Documentation And Processing Compliance Officer (Real Estate)”

  1. Comment made by Thankyou on Feb 24th 2018 at 9:10 am: Reply

    Hi currently working as realty staff and laison job description monitoring regular account from pag ibig and bank financing submitting requirement Bir,Cto,RD,city assesors for transfering title of regular account
    doing also submitting req for building permit and occupancy permit.. Heres my cp#09753932939 or email me at

  2. Comment made by Teresito M. Catacutan Jr. on Feb 10th 2018 at 4:31 pm: Reply

    Hi good day Im Jun-jun from Bago Aplaya Davao City.. Iam applying for Documentation and Processing Compliance Officer willing undergo pressure training .

    Please contact me my mobile no. 0950-322-2844

    Thank You

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