Work-from-home scams are type of scams that are often conducted through spam emails, online classified ads, spam blogs, noticeboards etc. Majority of these types of ads are phony/ fake job offers and are fronts for upfront payment scam, pyramiding scheme or will lead you into a money laundering scheme.

Here are some of the Warning signs you should watch out to determine work-from-home scams.

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philippines-job-fairIf you are looking for a work or career that you like to enjoy, you don’t need to worry since there are plenty of good jobs that you can find. There are numerous trending occupations in the Philippine Employment Market nowadays. Here are some guides to help you decide what kind of job you want. The following are some of the hottest jobs in the Philippines.

Online Teacher

This job rapidly boomed in the nation. Online English classes and centers became in demand together with additional Koreans who wanted to learn English language. This job is very perfect for you if you are having an excellent command of English and you want to intermingle with other kinds of people. Your skills will be honed very well if you want to be an online teacher.

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philippines-job-fairPhilippine is one of the Asia leaders in terms of advanced labor codes. The country has a very rich labor market, but the sad thing is that the country cannot sustain the job demands of the ever growing labor force. This is primarily the reason why the Philippines workforce is being sent overseas to seek better employment. The number of Filipino overseas workers continues to increase and most of them are working in the Middle East, United States, Canada, Europe and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Philippines BPO Industry

Posted by | August 15, 2013 | Trends

BPO IndustryThe Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry was first introduced in the Philippines in 1992. It was supposed to be a trial, but from then on the BPO industry in the Philippines continues to grow into something bigger. The excellent client feedback has paved way to the development of call center companies in different parts of the country. Because of the ever growing BPO industry in the Philippines, it is now known as the “sunshine industry.” As a matter of fact, Philippines is the number one business process outsourcing provider in the whole world. It has overtaken India, which is in the second place.

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