Philippine Call CenterPhilippine call center industry has grown big these past years primarily because of the needs of outsourcing offshore businesses. A lot of business owners want to outsource in the Philippines because the country has a lower labor cost and aside from that the Philippines also has a competent workforce. As a matter of fact, the Philippine call center industry is the world’s leader in terms of global outsourcing.

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POEA- Saudi Arabia Still the top destination for OFW

Despite POE temporary ban on sending Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) from Philippines to Saudi Arabia, the oil rich country still remained as the top or predominant destination for Overseas Filipino workers for the current year 2012.

According to Mr. Hans Leo Cacdac of POEA, around 1.3 Million out of more than 1.46 million deployed OFW from January to November this year were sent to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Continues increased in number of OFW working in Middle East in the next three years is also expected by POEA.

Singapore, United Arab Emirates, , Hong Kong, Qatar are the others top favorite destinations for OFW aside from Saudi Arabia.

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